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Hi! I’m Julie Spark

An entrepreneur, author, consultant, island pin-up and an unshakable optimist. I am an advocate of the Slow movement. Let’s rethink your speed of life together, and guide you into becoming the best version of yourself.


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“Everything you can imagine is real.”

During a long period of time in my life, I felt broken. I felt like I needed fixing, and that I was never going to be good enough. I watched other people disappear into what I perceived was a tunnel of no return. Success meant scoring a job that pays well, usually doing something lacking true passion, to pay for a house that remains empty all day, and stuck in traffic because of the commute. It just didn’t feel like my dream… 

While travelling I realized, I didn’t need fixing, I just needed some help to appreciate and prioritize myself. I worked first on myself, then on my relationship with others, and finally on my business.

Society pushes us into stereotypes, we are spoon fed in the media, the list of expectations is long. What we must do, how we must look, who we should fall in love with… forgetting to tell us the one thing that really matters. So, let me ask you:

“What do you actually want?”

Julie Spark

NIELS THONNARD • Entrepreneur • Belgium, expat in Indo

It was amazing!

The highlight of my trip was having my birthday party on the beach, and doing so much Yoga, because I never did that much yoga before. BEFORE the experience I was really tired and exhausted, I had a lot of things on my mind, I was overworked, I needed a break. AFTER, I feel energised, I have new ideas, my mind is more at ease, I’m ready to take my responsibilities back in hand.




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