LAURA RODRIGO • Chef • Spain, expat in Indo

Live a peaceful life

Thank you Julie. You’ve inspired me to change my life. I gave my body a proper detox, and I lost 11 kilos as a bonus. Intermittent fasting and yoga is now my way of life, I feel much more comfortable in my body, and thanks to the mindset exercises I managed to improve my relationships with others, and realise it’s much more important to LIVE A LIFE IN PEACE. I kept going and have now lost 18 kilos total! I’m not only a chef now, but also a model, and I eat and drink what I want!

A dream! I love fasting! 

Image: laura rodrigo

Slow Lifestyle

GEMMA LAING • Chef • England, expat in Indo

Believe in yourself

Before your program, my life was filled with self doubt and anxiety. You’ve inspired me to take time for myself, through the simple magic triangle of slow secrets. I became suddenly overwhelmed with healthy habits I can not live without, I call it my healthy addictions. Teaching me how to always come back to that balanced version of myself, a place from which I can create, all the while enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Leading me into a constructive and supportive relationship with my partner. Now surrounded with love, respect, and loving kindness. I feel ready to create a life I love.

Image: gemma laing

Slow Lifestyle

NIELS THONNARD • Entrepreneur • Belgium, expat in Indo

It was amazing!

The HIGHLIGHT of my trip was having my birthday party on the beach, and doing so much Yoga, because I never did that much yoga before. BEFORE the experience I was really tired and exhausted, I had a lot of things on my mind, I was overworked, I needed a break. AFTER, I feel energised, I have new ideas, my mind is more at ease, I’m ready to take my responsibilities back in hand.


VIRGINIE PINTO • Course Director • French expat living in Indonesia

Kick menopause in the butt!

Diving into menopause my body felt tired and beat, I could see it swell up in the mirror and felt immediately discouraged. Unable to pass the weight-loss plateau I had reached, Julie helped me through incorporating simple, loving and caring changes in my everyday life. I passed the plateau, and have now created a new habit. I feel happier, it fills me with joy, and the weight results just follow as a bonus.

Slow Lifestyle

NICOLE • French, retiree living in Indonesia

Let’s get back up!

The last couple of years, I’ve just let myself slide into not caring so much anymore about what I looked like. Then one day during a yoga class, I realized I couldn’t stand up as I wanted to. That’s when I knew it had gone too far. Time to take action. I met Julie and she said, ”Sure, I’ll coach you!”

Now I can easily walk 4-5 km without being short of breath, and the bonus of having already lost 7 kilos brings me a lot of happiness. My mood has improved along with the physical improvements. I am ableto walk and run, and it’s just wonderful! I’ll continue working to lose a couple of more kilos to stabilize, and then I’ll start this program again yearly with Julie, because it brings me so much joy.

Slow Lifestyle

MARIE-CLAIRE LANSSENS • Belgian, retiree living in Indonesia


Since I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I knew having a healthy series of habits was key to my well-being. Sometimes all you need is an accountability buddy. I now send messages to my coach daily, which motivates me to keep embracing my life.


Working with Julie helped me believe in myself, step into my truth, and guide me into executing my vision. She held me accountable to my wishes and secured I followed through. I will be forever grateful to her, as she helped me change my life.