It’s not goodbye, it’s a new beginning. When someone passes on, I feel like all these memories we had together pass on with them, the places we visited, the recipes we cooked, the walks we winded, the activities we shared, the secrets we reflected on life with, all of those moments they go with them and they become memories. They pass on. I cannot even start to begin to explain how much my grandfather is going to be missed, he’s always seen me for who I was and loved me unconditionally, even admired my life. I am very much like him and grateful that he was in my life for 98 years and that I spent so many amazing moments with him. I created time to do it and I’m happy family;

In these times of deep sorrow, crying becomes a way to release the deepest sadness that resides within us. The act of shedding tears is not a sign of weakness, but a powerful and cathartic way to express our emotions. It is in these moments of vulnerability that we allow ourselves to truly feel and process the pain of loss. 

As I navigate through the seven stages of grief – shock, denial, anger, bargaining, guilt, depression, and acceptance – I find solace in the act of crying. It is in these tears that I release my innermost feelings and honor the profound impact my grandfather had on my life. Despite the absence of family support, I find strength in the act of crying, knowing that it is a vital part of the healing process. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to say goodbye to my grandfather while he is still breathing. I prefer to remember him in his living form, filled with warmth and love, rather than as an empty vessel. Kissing a dead person feels like bidding farewell to a shell, while saying goodbye to a living being allows for a more meaningful connection. 

In the midst of this emotional storm, I hold on to the memories we shared, the love we exchanged, and the bond that will forever connect us. As I walk through the shadows of grief, I find solace in the knowledge that his spirit will always live on in my heart. Rest in peace, Babajo. Your legacy will never fade. 🕊💔 #grief #loss #solitude #memories #crying #release #farewell #heartbreak

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