Body Positivity with Tina – I AM Marylin Challenge – Sexy is a Mindset NOT a Waist size

Julie: Participate to our 21- Days Body Positivity: #IAmMarilyn Challenge, Sexy is a Mindset, not a Waistline.

Today we are going to talk about intimacy, not so much about sex, but about something that in our opinion is much more important- #bodypositivity. Here:


Tina: So what is body positivity?

Body positivity is unapologetic, unconditional, all-inclusive, and sexy self-love and acceptance.

Tina: Am I an expert in the field?

Hell no! I’ve been on an emotional and physical rollercoaster my whole life, but in the last couple of years, I’ve realized that I love roller coasters! They push you out of your comfort zone, they make you scared, excited and give you a huge adrenaline rush, getting your heart pumping and making you feel alive, forgetting everything else that is going on in the world. When you’re on a roller coaster, only you and the rush exist. You forget about everyone else and all your problems. Isn’t that how we should feel every day? Putting ourselves first, not worrying about what other people are thinking about us, and just having pure, unadulterated fun?


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Tina: Why are we so concerned about what we look like and other people’s expectations of us?

That’s an easy one… It’s all about corporations (beauty, fashion, ‘health’) making us feel that we are unworthy, that we won’t fit in and nobody will love us unless we spend a ridiculous amount of money to look the way they tell us to (which we all know is almost unattainable without filters, photoshop, plastic surgery, and endless over-priced products). We know this, so why do we still try to all look the same and fit into their little box of “perfection”. Everyone in the world is born unique… Think about that for a moment… Almost 8 billion people in the world and there is not a single other person who is the same as you. How exciting is that?! Isn’t diversity amazing?! Imagine if all of the fish in the sea looked the same, without the beautiful range of colours, sizes, different ways of moving. Nobody is judging them… How boring would it be to go snorkeling or diving and see thousands of fish that all looked the same, swimming in the same direction?

Tina: What does body positivity cover?

That’s the great thing… There is no limit! Most of us automatically think that it’s a movement to make curvier girls feel more socially accepted, which is a great start, but at the same time, it’s total bullshit!!!! Turn off the TV, social media and travel outside the ‘Western’ world, and in many countries, fat women are adored and revered. Go back in history, look at art from between the 15th to the 19th century, and all the women are painted naked with curves bulging left, right and centre… Unashamed, unapologetic, adored and loving themselves. 

But body positivity covers so much more… skinny, short, tall, old, young, wrinkles, stretch marks, genitals, colouring, body hair, sexual preferences, gender preferences, shaved head, dreadlocks, tattoos, freckles, scars and disabilities to name but a few… what a beautiful mixing pot! When I read all of those words, I imagine them as different colours that make up an amazing sunset, rainbow or painting.

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Tina: I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see…

I KNOW! I’m here preaching about body positivity, but I still have a long way to go myself, although I’ve come SOOOO far in the last couple of years. How? I’m not gonna lie, it’s not been easy and I’m still struggling, but I’d love to share my journey with you… My family moved around a lot when I was a kid and I went to 8 different schools in 3 different continents. I never fit in. I was either the wrong colour, the wrong social class, the nerdy kid with no friends, glasses, bad skin and braces, the wrong clothes, too skinny or too fat. I could never get it right, and as such, had extremely low self-esteem, which led to bad choices and feeling as though my body and my soul belonged to two different people who I didn’t even know, which I’m sure that many people can relate to, although I felt totally isolated from society and was surrounded by toxic people. So what did I do? I took baby steps. I joined the gym and found a nutritionist, but after 6 months, I still wasn’t feeling the benefits, which was when I realised that I had to fix the inside before I could fix the outside. I know it’s a total cliché, but clichés exist for a reason. If you don’t love yourself on the inside, you’re never gonna love yourself on the outside. I found an amazing psychologist, and in the very first session, she told me that I needed to get outside of my comfort zone, which I was not happy about, because it’s not a comfortable thing to do! Long story short, I sold up, packed a suitcase and moved to the other side of the world with my family. And this is where my body positivity story really begins…

I love me!!!!

So what’s the secret about feeling amazing about yourself? Surround yourself with amazing people!!! I live on a teeny tiny little island in Indonesia, next to Bali, and I’ve finally found my misfits! Most of us are here because we don’t feel as though we fit in the “box”. Social class does not exist here. It’s very difficult to tell the difference between millionaires and people who are struggling to get to the end of the month. Most of us go barefoot, have holes in our clothes, don’t wear makeup, and haven’t seen a hairdresser in a long time. We’re dirty, sunburnt, covered in freckles, our uniform is swimwear and a sarong, and we put a flower behind our ear when we want to look fancy. We come from all walks of life and diversity is embraced. And what beautiful people. It’s not an exterior beauty, it’s a glow that comes from the inside. It’s impossible to feel bad about yourself or be ‘ugly’ on the outside when you go to bed not being able to count how many times that day you have been given hugs, compliments and people telling you that they love you.

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Julie: When I met Tina, the first thing I told her was: “Oh my God, I love your energy!”

Just moments later I added: “You look like Marilyn Monroe! Poo poo Pido!” 

Slow exploration:

Marilyn Monroe- I want to be loved by you


Stand in front of the mirror, play this song and sing along with it. While singing “I want to be loved by you, yeah you!” Point to yourself!


We want to raise awareness about self-love, look in the mirror and tell yourself: I love you!


Our main target here is to raise awareness of body positivity. Who after all is genuinely 100% happy about their body image? What is social media doing to our body image?


We want to inspire you to feel a little bit better about your body. Inspire confidence, more comfort, and a love for your body coming from inside.




  • – Souls

  • – Hair

  • – Freckles

  • – Stretchmarks

  • – Sexual orientations

  • – Sizes

  • – Shapes

  • – Colours

  • – Ages


Every single part of our body is beautiful. Everything you choose for yourself is valid. We want to support that!



Julie: We are entitled to have an opinion on everything:


What do you think about freckles?

Tina: YES!


What do you think about curly hair?

Tina: YES!




Embrace it,I love yourself exactly as you are.


What about clothes? brands?

Our favorite brand is our island sisters brand @kartinithelabel #kartinisisterhood an online shop where you can shop in centimeters. Sender your exact size, and she will make it for you. The quality is excellent and the designs are exotic.


Have you ever gone shopping in Thailand, and while you entered the store, the Klerk pointed at you waving his finger up in the air saying no size? I’m an XXXL in Thailand!

Secret 1:


Body positivity tricks: The mirror trick


Stand in front of the mirror and say:

I love you

I love you

I love you



Say it in as many languages as you know:

Je t’aime

Ich liebe dich

Ik hou van jouw

Te quiero

I love you


Slowly say to your shoulder, to one of your freckles, to your butt,… eventually, your stand but naked in front of your mirror, looking at yourself and thinking YES! I love you.


You are extraordinary!



What is the message you want to be engraved for yourself to see every morning, next to your bathroom window, or on the mirror where are you brush your teeth?


If this is too hard for you, sit in front of the mirror and sing your favorite love song. Every day it gets easier, perform in 21 days to create a new habit.


Secret 2: Body Positivity trick: talk to yourself and others with love.


  • – I love your energy

  • – Give love and spread joy

  • – Go out and feel happy

  • – Compliment each other, yourself and others

  • – Think healthy

  • – Healthy body healthy mind


Our goal is to inspire women to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, to love their bodies, to join the sisterhood,  and participate in our 21 days body positivity challenge, #IamMarylin. Which includes a webinar.


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It does not matter what your body looks like, what matters is that you feel comfortable in it. That you love it, and when you love it, people see that you are having a blast and that you are beautiful inside and out, you are glowing! #50andfabulous


Are we need to do is take a look at Marilyn Monroe, she is sexy and curvy. All the ladies that will participate in our online body positivity webinar, will receive a coconut carved from the island that says I am Marylin!


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It is not about the journey or the destination, it is about the company! The Tribe!


Join the tribe and surround yourself with people that will make you feel good about yourself, not the opposite.


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N.B.: Make sure you watch the music video! #EPIC


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N.B.: Make sure you watch the music video! #EPIC


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