Come and Play Heaven on Earth with us, with Leanne

The Power of Nature 


Nature has an undeniable power to help us recharge our batteries and reconnect with ourselves. It has the ability to remind us of our truest purpose and allow us to tap into our most authentic selves.


When we take the time to immerse ourselves in nature, we can find a sense of stillness and presence that we cannot access in our daily lives. Nature gives us the opportunity to feel the sun on our skin, the wind in our hair, and the earth beneath our feet. We can breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the beauty of the trees, and listen to the birds singing. Mindfulness just happens, naturally. 


These moments remind us to take time to simply be. To pause and reflect. To appreciate the beauty around us. To connect with something much bigger than us.


Nature is a reminder that we are a part of something much greater than our individual lives. It helps us to remember that we are part of a larger ecosystem and that we have an important role to play in taking care of our planet, and living sustainably.


Nature offers us the gift of true stillness and connection. So next time you feel overwhelmed and disconnected, take a break and spend some time in nature. Let the beauty of the world around you recharge your batteries, and reconnect you to the purest form of self. 



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Our Relationship with Money


Money is a tool to create, an exchange of goods and services. It’s an integral part of our lives and we must learn to make peace with our relationship with money.


Money is nothing more than the original barter. I give you the most exquisite sourdough bread, baked with the purest form of Love; in exchange for the creamiest and most delicious burrata cheese, because your partner is Italian. 


I create magic, and I exchange it for your magic. When you create magic, success just flows in, in the form of money. 


Money should not be feared, it should be embraced. Money can create wonderful opportunities to do what we love and to serve others. Money is not the root of all evil, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. I never create anything, thinking: “ Oh! I’m gonna make so much money!” Actually quiet the opposite, I’m already out the door if the person standing in front of me thinks this way. 


I’ve lost everything, multiple times; and I’ve had everything, also on several occasions. The most valuable lesson is to be detached from everything and learn to be happy with absolutely nothing. That’s when your relationship with everything just lands exactly where it should be.  


When we make peace with our relationship with money, we create magic. Money is a form of energy and when we use it in a positive way, the energy will naturally flow in. We must learn to use the money for good and for helping others.


It is important to take a mindful approach to money. We must learn to honor our relationship with money and be mindful of how it can be used to create good in the world. We must learn to use money as a tool for creating abundance for ourselves and for others.

Come and Play Heaven on Earth with us

When we let go of the mainstream matrix and come and play in the heavenly realms of freedom, we open ourselves up to a world of possibility. We can explore the world and expand our horizons beyond what we know. We can experience cultures and places we would never have dreamed of, and discover our true passions and dreams.


It’s time to leave your comfort zone and discover the beauty of the world. We can explore foreign countries, meet new people, and experience a different way of life. We can learn about different customs, cuisines, and cultures. We can explore the beauty of nature and be inspired by the wonders of the world.


Traveling the world is not just about sightseeing. It’s about taking the time to learn, to understand, and appreciate other cultures. It’s about being open to new experiences and discovering something new. It’s about embracing different perspectives and gaining a deeper understanding of the world.

When we are not subscribed to the mainstream matrix, we are actually free. To make art of life. To come and play heaven on earth. To explore this playground as it can be explored, and engage to it.

We can create our own paths and explore our full potential. We can tap into our creativity and discover our true passions. We can live life on our own terms and express ourselves in the way we choose.

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