Constructive Communication for Couples – Erotic Idea Box – Intimacy Basics Facts and Benefits

Communication and Contact

Would you say NO to a boost of sexual satisfaction?


First of all, we are all different. There is not just “one way” to please all. It is vital to create a relationship in which both partners can talk about sex freely. If you have a partner, start by sharing that rich fantasy life you’ve written in your head. Talk about it, sexual pleasure is a matter of mutual interest. 


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As consenting adults, we can be as sexually adventurous as we please, but bear in mind that your partner is likely to have an entirely different set of favorite stimuli from you. Let’s start exploring each other’s sexual fantasies.


Second, for giving and receiving sexual pleasure, open and straightforward communication with a partner is key for a victorious long-term relationship. The foundation for a comfortable, relaxed, and healthy sex life is feeling safe from disease and trusting our partner, which eventually will allow us to discuss our sexual needs and limitations with our partner freely.

Be straightforward! Speak to each other!


When you’re able to express yourself and your sexual desires, you will most likely find positive growth in your relationship. 



Ask your partner to answer this:

“I really enjoy ________________________ .”

“Do you like it when I _______________________?”

“I like it when you touch ____________________________.”


If you don’t feel like speaking face to face, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so. During my many management years, I really enjoyed the idea box concept. Somehow when it goes in a box, people seem to express their feelings more easily. Yes! I invite you to create a: “sexual pleasure idea box” at home.  

Because sometimes you really want to share your thoughts, but something just keeps getting in the way, and the thought you have just won’t come out of your mouth. When that happens, just 

write it down, and pop it in the idea box. Where you can let your wildest fantasms, or simplest desires speak, isn’t it kind of cute? Then suddenly it appears in the bedroom…


You can even take it to the next level, and invite some of your friends to pop some of their favorite tricks into the box. Why not start exchanging tricks.? It’s all for the love of pleasure right, right? 


Please share your most raw feedback with me on Instagram @slowintimacy #slowsecrets, our private or public, as you prefer. I’d love to hear how you go. We are all in this together! Let’s leak A LOT more pleasure into the world!


Health Benefits

Intimate contact is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Fooling around gives you a health boost, in all sorts of ways. The health benefits go way beyond the pleasures of an orgasm. 

  • It eases stress

  • It improves sleep

  • It boosts immunity

  • It improves mood

  • It improves heart health

  • It decreases the risk of prostate cancer

  • It’s exercise and improves cardiovascular health

  • It reduces pain

  • It regulates your menstrual cycles



What if I told you that on average sex lasts between 11 and 20 minutes?

Then what if I told you it takes at least 20 minutes for the female body to warm up. Do you get the picture?



First and foremost I’d like to invite you and your partner to forget about the element of time. For that reason, let’s imagine that at the end of these chapters, you’ll set your stopwatch for 2 hours. That’s the time you’ll spend awakening each other’s sexual pleasures during your intimate journey together. 


Do you feel like: “What am I going to do for 2 hours?”  

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.


What follows in these chapters is a little inspiration, and trust me you won’t even realize it’s been 2 hours, but most importantly, you’ll feel nourished.  


Welcome to the world of Slow Intimacy.  

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