I Am Marilyn – 21 Days Body Positivity Challenge

This is Moi… I look super #confident, don’t I? Well, trust me I am NOT.

The only reason I was able to strike this pose, is thanks to the awesome photographer @edenconcept_studio behind the lens. Bless him #MAGIC. He is trendy, hilarious, has a sexy beard, and was striking every pose for me.All I had to do was mirror him, and well manage to stop #laughingoutloud. Mirror that ;). His wife taught me how to do a full-face pin-up make-up #IAmMarylin. They do what they call “re-looking pin-up and boudoir shoots”. Something I’d advise to everyone to do once (or more, because its addictive 😉 in their life.

Some people see something in us, that we don’t see. They make us feel better about ourselves, inside and out. They snap that image, that moment, where we look at ourselves and ask ourselves, is that really me? YES! WAAAW! I look #AWESOME! They manage to make us surprise ourselves. They have the ability to make women (and men!) feel better about their body image. They guide them into finding the confidence in them to bring out that #AUTHENTICITY.

Am I entitled to feel a lack of confidence about my body? Yes? No? HELL YES! Everyone is entitled to feel like their tummy is too big, like their stretch-marks are not what they hoped for, like their freckles are taking over, their hair is all over the place, … Should we feel like this? HELL NO! ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL, and with some #selflove guidance, let me tell you how I got rid of all these doubts that used to govern and pollute my brain.

Don’t let your mind bully your body – June Tomaso Wood

– Your body is PERFECT!

– You are AMAZING!

We are being spoon-fed stereotypes of the “perfect bodies”, I personally feel like Hollywood needs an update. If we would be fed a little more #TRUTH, less people would be walking around as shadows of who they are meant to be.

I have been writing and studying intimacy for the last two years, and it has been #TRANSFORMATIVE. My wish is to pay it forward and help women (and men- if you only dare to embrace your inner Marylin 😉 to feel better, simply being YOU!

I just don’t believe in perfection but I do believe in saying this is who I am and look at me not being perfect! I am proud of that – Kate Winslet

February is #bodypositivity month, choose either an email a day, join the whatsapp group “Accountability to myself”, and/or follow the challenge @slowintimacy. Receive one secret a day from Monday to Friday during February, at the end of the challenge we’ll host a woman circle on-line with the tribe.

Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself. Julie Spark

With Love