Journal Your Feelings: Letting go of what no longer serves you

I always tend to have a hard time letting go of what no longer serves me. I have this little cupboard in the back of my mind, where I shove everything down. I close the door; and I forget it’s there.  

Really. Do you have one too?

Eventually, as we say in French “c’est la goutte qui fait déborder le vase”. 

It’s the drop that makes the vase overflow”. 

My overflow happened after the earthquake. I had built a boutique property, on a small island off Bali. On the 5th of August 2018, a 7.0 devastating earthquake destroyed 60% of our island. It literally shook my entire world upside down and made me question everything. That lovely little cupboard I had, vomited all over the table. This forced me to deal with everything I had ever shoved down there, because people, let’s not kid ourselves, everything you shove down that little cupboard doesn’t go away. It just finds a nice, comfortable spot in your stomach and waits patiently to explode—all the while, disturbing the life you’re living, in partnership with your subconscious. 

From that day, I promised myself never to shove anything down that little cupboard anymore. I promised to give myself the time and space to deal with the problems as they arose.


WRITE Journal your feelings

Which we will cover throughout the book together. 



  1. THERE IS NO SPOON The Matrix


“Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only realize the truth… There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is yourself.”

Which in my opinion can be applied to several specific moments in our lives. For example don’t start a fight with someone, who’s not ready to hear what you have to tell him. It will only create conflict. Just realize the truth, some things are better left unsaid. 

You probably remember this quote from The Matrix spoken by Neo. It means that a person can’t manipulate reality, a person can only manipulate him/herself. Then once that person changes him/herself, he/she can change reality. 

Try simply to tell yourself “There is no spoon”. 

Can you see it? 


What is a mantra?

A mantra is a sentence repeated frequently. It can also be a sound or word repeated to help to concentrate during meditation. 

Probably the most famous mantra is “Om”. From Buddhism and Hinduism. It contains the entire universe. But let’s start you off with something more simple. 


The easiest is to buy yourself a little tiny book. Where you start writing down your positive affirmations. Just some things you’d like to remind yourself daily, while looking in the mirror. 

Weird right?

Just do it for 21 days, and then see how you feel. Maybe, observe how your life changes.

Place yourself in front of the mirror. 

Read the following “mantras” to yourself daily:

Works for:

  • People

  • Situations

  • Objects

  • Living questions

I bless you with love and I release you, I let you go. 

I am FREE of the PAST.

I am willing to free myself from the past.

I am willing to forgive all those who may have harmed me

And I forgive myself for having harmed others. 

Bless that person with Love, then release him/her, then dismiss the thought. 

Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself:

I Love You.

What can I do for you today?

How can I make you happy?

When anything negative happens:

Remember to tell yourself:

I love you anyway. 

I am willing to let go. 

I release, I let go. 

I release all tension. 

I release all fear. 

I release all anger. 

I release all guilt.

I release all sadness. 

I let go of all old limitations.

I let go and I am at peace. 

I am at peace with myself. 

I am at peace with the process of life. 

I am safe. 

I approve of myself. 

I am in the process of positive changes. 

I have a happy healthy body.

I experience love, wherever I go.

Stomach: I assimilate new ideas with ease, life agrees with me; nothing can irritate me. I am calm. 

Back: Life itself supports me. I trust the universe. I freely give love and trust. 


Mini book

Book source: 

Louise Hay – You can heal your life

  1. HO’OPONOPONO Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation

This is an amazing way to create a moment of peace, to reflect on your feelings within your busy routine, which also doesn’t require a quiet place, or yoga postures. Make your daily life less stressful with a mental and spiritual cleansing method, called Ho’oponopono. 

This Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation can be translated as: “Make it right”. It is powerful to purify one’s body and get rid of bad memories or feelings that we are holding on to. It helps with letting go of what no longer serves us. 

Do you notice that sometimes we are our own enemy?

Each thought can activate a mechanism that creates a world of problems. 

The goal of Ho’ponopono is to cure these problems through forgiveness. Not especially the forgiveness of others, but mainly the forgiveness of oneself. 

What you need to understand is that what happened doesn’t matter, but what you do with what happened is what really matters. It is your own mind that has created problems, which means that it is also able to solve them. 

Which guide you through remorse, forgiveness, love, and gratitude. By simply repeating these words, you can set off the release of blockages, traumas, negative memories. It’s a problem- solving process that happens entirely within you. 

Shift your attention from a sense of powerlessness linked to the idea that suffering is caused only by external uncontrollable factors. Increase your personal power. Yes! It is possible to transform your beliefs from within. 

When engaged in some misunderstanding, understand that you are also part of the problem, and when you change, your relationship with the misunderstanding will change for the better.  


I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that Joy wanted to start that new project so badly.

Forgive me. I was only focussing on my own personal knowledge and my own fears. Starting a new project now is the last thing I want to do. 

Thank you for making me see the reality of the situation we are in. 

I love you (Julie) for being so clear-sighted, and for always trying to make things right, all the while respecting other viewpoints. 


Ho’oponopono – Joe Vitale

  1. 4 AGREEMENTS Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is a self-help book, a guide to personal freedom. This code of conduct is based on ancient Toltec wisdom written by Don Miguel Ruiz. 

He was born in a family of shamans, and decided to study traditional medicine. After getting certified, he came back to shamanism, like all other members of his family. Understanding both worlds.  

He wrote “The Four Agreements”, a mind-blowing book for people that want to live a peaceful and happy life. 

It advocates freedom from self-limiting beliefs, causing suffering and limitations in a person’s life. 


My business partner likes to call it: 

“Yes, no problem!”

Which basically means:

 “I don’t agree, but I’m actually not even going to care. Simply because I know that we will never agree on this topic. Instead of creating a conflict. I’m simply going to say: “Yes, no problem” But in reality, I know exactly where the truth lies for myself, and for me that’s enough. I love myself, and I love you anyway. “

Sometimes we tend to get stuck in these “Ego wars”. If your ego sometimes is too loud, and creates unnecessary conflicts around you in your life. Read “Sh#t Your Ego”—it’s a lovely book.

For the love of living a peaceful life, just allow yourself, on some occasions, to simply let it go. Envision the problem floating away along the river of Magic. Bye Bye! Turn around, and what do you see there? 

As we say in French: “Cela coule sur le dos de mon indifference”.

Simply tell yourself: “OK. This one is just going to slide off the back of my indifference”.  


Remember you are a beautiful tree. A banyan tree! You have magnificent roots, rooted in the earth. Your roots are grounding. They say underground, a tree is just as big as above. 

You are a tree that dances. I love to dance. Especially because I am a weeping willow. Can you envision yourself dancing with all those branches? 

You’re pretty magical, right? 

Just like this image, envision yourself dancing through the movement of your life. A bit like the whomping willow tree in Harry Potter.  Make sure you pick your fights carefully. Ask yourself: Does it really matter that much? Otherwise … Just keep dancing. 

You are a tree. Your crust is thick, and the people you allow inside your crust are limited. Which doesn’t mean you can’t dance with the people that are dancing in the field around you. The difference is, you just know which ones you keep close to your heart. 

This is your tribe. You are surrounded by your tribe. We understand each other. We grow together. We wish each other the best. We know we are always welcome at each other’s table, or in each other’s home. We love each other just as we are. They are the ones that love you with your dirt.  

You have real friends at heart, and then you have the ones you know and like to spend time with. But you know exactly who is who. This also changes over time.

I’ve especially cleared my friend circle while traveling, and then when living natural catastrophes like devastating earthquakes, and pandemics. That’s when people show their true colors. I love them all, but I know where I stand. 

Which doesn’t mean we need to judge them. Simply know who they are. Then thank the universe for showing your truth.


Seriously this one is my absolute favorite!!
Make sure while you scream, as if you are trying to echo the entire valley from the top of a mountain, shake your entire body, which will have the sound travel through your entire body! If you are in need of more tools to express and release your emotions, make sure you reach out, I’ll be more then happy to do a one-on-one session with you, all my programs are donation based. Free for the people in need that have no budget.

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