Luscious and Tantalising Betties, Body Positivity through Art with Ruttu Ruttu and Tina


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Alejandra Oviedo aka. Ruttu Ruttu says, there are multiple forms of bodies. She believes people love her art, because they see a reflexion of themselves. 


They see strong women, “Dueña de su cuerpo”, translates owner of her body. Giving herself space to be sexy.


Luscious and Tantalizing Betties, Body Positivity through Art with Ruttu Ruttu and Tina



Julie feels, sexy is an attitude. To her someone sexy embodies her body. That is what she likes. 


Ale agrees, she says when you see your body positively, everything changes. It’s more about how you move, then about the form of your body.


Julie says, the attitude will generate an emotion, that starts with eye contact. 


Attached to nothing, connected to everything. Buddha


Translates, Connectado a todo pero sin apejos.


Ale spreads body positivity through art, from her heart, this message that is so important, that all bodies are beautiful. 

She reaches almost 1,000,000 people through Facebook and Instagram @ruttu_ruttu.
She inspires people to believe that sexuality is something we can discuss together. 



Tina says, our body changes during a life time. We will be facing changes our entire life.


Julie says, in Bali I joined a women circle during a class of Tantra. We covered sexuality, emotions,… 


My question is, why don’t we do this with the women of our family? Why don’t we sit in a circle and discuss these vital subjects with the people we love most?


It’s safe.

It’s healthy.


It is the energy of creation, without it neither you nor I would exist. No s*x, no humanity.


Why do I have to sensor the word? Why is it taboo? Does it come from the church?


Ale adds, from a point of view of art, inspired by magazines of the 1940-1950’, on the theme that all bodies are exactly the same. Mothers, daughters, grand mothers,… I’m considered as sharing chocking art, “arte choquante”.


What about our hair? Hair is something we can talk a lot about in South America. Blond and straight hair is considered “good hair”, curly afro hair is considered “bad hair”.


The importance for me was to include everyone, “la inclusion”. For example, all hair types are gorgeous. 

Julie adds, all sexual orientations are valid.


It’s the imperfection that makes it perfect. Like the Japanese art. When something breaks, they fix it with gold. It becomes the art of the broken piece, in gold. 


Tina adds, yesterday someone told me I’m a little rotten. I answered, yes, like a disco ball!


February is body positivity month, we gather women (and men who dare to embrace their inner Marilyn!). We are all Marilyn.


Todos son dignas de una sculptura. Ruttu Ruttu


Translate, all are worthy of a sculpture. 


Don’t we LOVE her? 


We dream of creating a snowball effect, inspire people to love themselves as they are. Join us and participate, let’s turn it into a movement. 


We will meet every year, to remind ourselves over and over again. Reprogramming our minds together. 


Tina adds, February is the month of Love, let’s translate it into self love. 


Julie agrees, body positivity is pure self love. 


Three action points of Ale for body positivity:
1. Stop worrying about what you can’t change. Own what you can’t change!
2. Attitude is important 
3. You are a treasure!
Tina adds, feeling beautiful starts from within. If you can’t start within yet, then start with your surroundings, observing and receiving the beauty of nature. Then move that inside. Once you feel it inside, it will automatically shift your outer world.
Julie adds, live from an open heart towards people, nature, art and most import yourself.

Release yourself from the ties set by society, and be unapologetically yourself. Love and approve of yourself is the biggest revolution you can provoke. 




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