The Glucose Goddess Method

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The Glucose Method


4 hacks

– add a veggie starter to one meal a day

– have a savory breakfast

– At 1 tablespoon of vinegar a day before the meal that will be highest in glucose

– after you eat, move


The Glucose Goddess


– eat foods in the right order (fibers, then proteins and fats, then starches and sugars)

– stop counting calories

– eat any type of sugar you like-they are all the same

– dessert over sweet snack

– if you have to snack go savory

– put some “clothes” on your carbs (avoid eating starchy and sweet food on their own- “clothe” them with protein, fat, or fiber to slow down glucose absorption; for example, have Greek yogurt with your brownie, or ham with your bread


THE FOUR-WEEK PROGRAM In Week 1, you will start having savory breakfasts. In Week 2, you will continue with your new breakfast and also welcome vinegar into your life. In Week 3, you will continue the first two hacks, and layer in veggie starters. Finally, Week 4 will see the addition of our fourth hack: moving after eating.


But apart from adding these hacks, you can eat and do whatever you want. I repeat: outside of these hacks, you can eat and do whatever you want. You can have all your usual favorite foods, eat sugar, drink alcohol.


1. Week 1 of the Glucose Goddess Method will say goodbye to glucose spikes for breakfast, and in so doing will offer you a completely new experience of your days: no cravings and steady energy. How do we do it? In Week 1, we have a savory breakfast every day.


2. the GG Classic—vinegar in water (with a straw, to protect your teeth)—to my favorite warming teas and party mocktails.


3. In Week 3, we will continue with our savory breakfast and vinegar, and now add in the fabulous Veggie Starter. This means adding a vegetable-based dish to the beginning of lunch or dinner. Why? Because vegetables contain a powerful component called fiber. fiber arrives in our intestines, it deploys itself against our intestinal walls. There, it forms a protective mesh that slows and reduces the absorption into the bloodstream of any glucose coming down afterward. You can eat anything you usually eat after your veggie starter, knowing that because the fiber mesh is there, there will be less of a glucose spike from your meal. try to make the veggie starter comprise about 30 percent of your meal.

4. But with every new muscle contraction, we burn up glucose molecules. And we can use this simple equation to our advantage to flatten our glucose curves. Week 4 will ask you to continue with your daily savory breakfast, vinegar, and veggie starter, and to also use your muscles for 10 minutes after one meal each day, within 90 minutes after the end of that meal.


Method will still work if you do the hacks 80 percent of the time. Missing the odd day is no big deal. These are lifelong habits you are creating, and some days they will be difficult to see through.


Are there off-limits foods? No foods are off-limits. Just follow the hacks; the rest of the time you can eat absolutely what you want, and, yes, that also means dessert and pizza. Breakfast is the only meal where there will be no sweet foods, except whole fruit to taste, but you can eat that anytime during the rest of the day. Can I still drink alcohol? Yes, you can eat and drink whatever you normally eat and drink. Because I am often asked this question, here are more details on alcohol: Spirits mixed with soda water, and wine (any color)


are the best options to keep your glucose steady. Cocktails and beer are less favorable and more likely to cause a spike. That said, my philosophy is that if you’re going to drink alcohol, it’s not a health decision (there are no health benefits to alcohol), it’s a pleasure decision. So pick the alcohol that you prefer.


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