Vipassana Day 9: Journey to the Core

As the penultimate day of my Vipassana retreat unfolds, I find that the internal landscape is just as vast and intriguing as the serene environment of the center. Here on Day 7, there’s an undeniable tension—a tussle between the yearning to escape and the commitment to delve deeper into the self.

In meditation, I’m faced with the full spectrum of my experiences. There’s an ex life partner, his image conjured amidst the heat and desire of a time at Matahari. The practice teaches me to observe these memories, to acknowledge their presence without becoming entangled—to simply let them pass.

A sense of discomfort shifts my attention to a childhood memory, a visceral one involving an ear operation, a time when the discord between my parents was palpable. It’s a pain that demands to be felt, but even here, in the grip of discomfort, the mantra of Vipassana whispers, This too shall pass.

My physical state reflects my internal journey—appetite wanes, and an unexpected outbreak reminds me that the body has its narratives and its healing process.

Each memory, each sensation, becomes a wave to observe—like watching the river’s water flow steadily, unperturbed by the stories it carries. There’s the recollection of a carefree day at a beach club with a lost love, the sweet nothings with the first love—and through these, I learn again to pass through the moments without attachment, acknowledging love and gratitude without clinging.

As the end of the retreat nears, there’s an almost tangible shift within. A readiness takes hold, a profound eagerness to work with the technique, to dive into the deepest recesses of my consciousness. It’s no longer about enduring meditation sessions; it’s about embracing them, leveraging them to achieve the greatest release, to come face to face with liberation.

The inner child that once raged for release now sits in quiet contemplation by the riverside, observing the constant flow of life with newfound peace and harmony.

Perhaps one of the most profound realizations has been the power of interpretation—the way we choose to see and integrate our experiences. Each day has been symbolized by nature’s art, from the blossoming of a red flower on Day 1 to the introspective symbolism found on Day 9.

In these moments of stillness, a fundamental truth crystallizes: nobody else controls my happiness. It is a power that resides within me alone.

As I share these reflections, I understand they are not just mine, but echoes of a shared human experience. We all have the ability to observe, to pass through our narratives with grace, and to emerge on the other side, not unscathed, but wiser and more centered than before.

This retreat isn’t just about learning to meditate; it’s about learning to live—to truly live—in a state of balance and tranquility.

And as this day closes, I carry with me the Vipassana wisdom: we are the observers of our own rivers, capable of finding peace amidst the ebb and flow of life’s endless stream.

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