We ask the bees how best we can serve them, with Leanne

Leanne: “The honey bee is the most important pollinator on our planet. Is also one of the most endangered species on our planet. Without this, we would not live like we do. People don’t realize this because of their disconnection from Nature.” 


The Honey Bee – Our Most Important Pollinator and Most Endangered Species


It’s no secret that the honey bee is one of the most important pollinators on our planet. Without them, we wouldn’t have the abundance of plants and fruits that we currently have. Unfortunately, the honey bee is also one of the most endangered species on our planet. 


The decline of the honey bee population is a result of a number of factors, from the use of pesticides, to the destruction of their natural habitats. These factors have led to a drastic decrease in their population, which has had a huge impact on our planet. Without the honey bee, our food security would be in jeopardy and our environment would suffer immensely. 



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However, the plight of the honey bee continues to be underappreciated. We have become increasingly disconnected from Nature and the importance of the honey bee has fallen by the wayside. We must work together to ensure the future of this species. Through education and awareness, we can spread the message of the importance of honey bees and take steps to protect them. 

We must remember that the honey bee is essential to our survival. 

These have been orbiting closer and closer and closer to Leanne. During Covid time and she took up residence in Bali and met Yan, the Bali Bee Man. They sat two hours together, sharing their lives with bees. It was extraordinary.

Bees vibrate at the frequency of our Anahata heart chakra

Did you know that bees vibrate at the same frequency as our Anahata heart chakra? This is a powerful connection that can be used to aid in healing and spiritual growth.

The Anahata heart chakra is the fourth chakra, located in the center of the chest. It is associated with love and compassion, and it is the energy center that helps to balance the emotions. When this chakra is in alignment, we feel connected to our true selves and those around us.

This connection between the Anahata heart chakra and the buzzing of bees is quite remarkable. Bees are known to be in tune with nature, and their buzzing is believed to be a healing vibration. By tuning into their frequency, we can tap into our own Anahata chakra and find balance within ourselves.

It is also believed that when we vibrate at the same frequency as bees, our souls can align and we can become more connected to the spiritual realm. This can be a powerful tool for manifesting our deepest desires and achieving our highest potential.

Leanne supports Yan to set up a charity in Bali for the bees. 

She sees it as a completely different way of doing charity, where we ask the bees how best we can serve them? How best can we give the bees a voice in the world? 

Do you keep bees? What's honey like?

I actually never take Honey from bees, says Leanne. 

Just being with bees is an absolute gift. Because we get to live in that unified field of love, that the bees operate on, and the bees are the most Incredible healers and the most incredible teachers. 

All you need is Love.

Api therapy

Has been practiced with different degrees of awareness and consciousness. 

 The venom from the bee is actually extremely invigorating for a person’s immune system.

 So really receiving a bee sting, take it as a gift.


Api culture instead of acupuncture.

When you are living with the bees, they will treat you when you need to be treated. 

Message from the bees: Be present in our presence. 


Know that the bees are here to teach us, to remind us what it is to live in community.

Everything the bees do, from the time they are born until the time they die. Everything they do in that time they do for the whole.

Humanity is being asked to step out of the me story, and into the we story.

The astrological alignment is really significant right now.  

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, We are entering a time of revolution, it’s a revolution of love coming back into community. 

Have a responsibility within ourselves to show up for that into our lives.

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