It’s NOT a tied up wedding!

Imagine this: a tapestry of dreams, woven with threads of anticipation and splashes of fantasy. We, especially as women, are the artisans of our own narratives, crafting tales so vivid and grand they outshine reality. It’s a common dance of the mind where we lead ourselves through a waltz of ‘what-ifs,’ only to find the music stopping short. This isn’t about a perfect wedding with every bow in place; it’s a metaphor for our expectations in life’s grand celebration.

Men, too, can be swept into this whirlwind of expectancy, finding themselves adrift in a sea of unrealized dreams. We sketch out the most intricate plots in our heads, stories so elaborate and splendid they could only belong in a novel. And when life turns a different page, not aligned with our scripted saga, a shadow of sadness creeps in, leaving us to mourn a tale that was never our reality to begin with.

Yet, in the echo of Vipassana’s wise whisper, as it is, not as you would like it to be, there lies a profound truth. This gentle nudge urges us to embrace life’s raw authenticity, to cherish the moment without the sheen of expectation. Let’s turn a kinder eye towards the beauty of what unfolds naturally, appreciating the ‘is’ rather than pining for the ‘could have been.’

Let us anchor ourselves in honesty—both with ourselves and with one another. May we gift ourselves the grace of presence, the courage to stand amid the unvarnished scenes of our lives with gratitude. For when we strip away the layers of imagined scenarios, what we’re left with is the genuine splendor of the here and now, imperfect yet perfectly ours.

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