Julie Spark’s Guide to Mindful Nourishment & Fasting

Greetings, wellness explorers! It’s Julie here, your companion on the ever-evolving path to a vibrant, healthy life. Today, I wanted to open up about the interplay between nourishment and fasting, two facets of my journey that have become increasingly significant.

We’ve all heard iterations of that timeless health adage, suggesting that a daily apple—or in our contemporary twist, a cold pressed juice—might keep the doctor at bay. While there’s no one-size-fits-all in the realm of health, I’ve found solace and vitality in the colorful embrace of freshly extracted, cold pressed juices. Each bottle is a testament to nature’s bounty, brimming with unadulterated nutrients that fuel our bodies and cleanse our palates.

But my narrative today extends beyond these liquid rainbows. As I write, I’m nestled in the calm before a transformative experience: I’m in the final hours of a 24-hour fast, a practice that has become more than just an occasional reset for my digestive system—it’s a profound exercise in mindfulness and self-discipline.

Why do I fast, you ask? Fasting, for me, is not about deprivation. Instead, it’s about giving myself the space to tune in to my body’s needs, to clear the mental clutter, and to appreciate the simplicity of being. It’s a time when I let go of external cravings and focus on internal growth. The clarity that comes is unparalleled, as if each fasting hour peels away a layer that separates me from my truest self.

This short-term fast is a precursor to a more extensive trial of will and wellness: a 7-day fast I’ve scheduled for the second week of March. The thought is daunting, indeed, but I’m preparing my mind and body to embrace the challenge. Fasting is a journey into the unknown depths of our willpower, and I’m approaching it with cautious respect and mindful preparation.

In the days leading up to my week-long fast, I’m engaging in a gentle process of phasing out solid foods and leaning more on my beloved cold pressed juices. These vibrant concoctions are not just a source of nourishment; they represent life in its purest form—raw, unprocessed, and brimming with potential.

And as I partake in this preparatory phase, I am acutely aware of the food that graces my table, the textures, the flavors, the way it all comes together to sustain life. This heightened sense of gratitude makes each meal, each sip of juice, a ceremony of thanks to the Earth for its gifts.

Dear readers, whether you are fasting aficionados or contemplating your first intermittent fast, take this journey with me. I invite you to reflect on these questions: What does your body need? What might you discover in the space of a missed meal, a day without food, or even a week?

As I share my insights, experiences, and, undoubtedly, the challenges of my upcoming fast, I hope to offer a glimpse into the potential that lies in these moments of pause. This is not about promoting or recommending fasting unconditionally, as we each have unique health circumstances and considerations.

If you are considering fasting, I urge you to do so with guidance, to listen intently to your body, and to approach it as an act of self-care, not self-denial. Consult with healthcare professionals who can provide personalized advice suited to your health goals and needs.

So here’s to the nourishment that sustains us, the simplicity that centers us, and the journey of health that unites us.

Until next time, embrace the stillness, cherish the sips, and nourish your soul.

In health and harmony,
Julie Spark

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