Hi! I’m SO INSPIRED that you have considered investing in yourself! Welcome to an entirely new chapter of your life and the beginning of something unique and gorgeous!

This is an opportunity to apply to work with me 1:1. Its perfect for the worrying busy bee cruising through life with a wide spectrum on your to-do list (work, family, obligations, dreams, fun, self-development, wanting to create your own business, wanting to break free of the matrix, want to live on a tropical island, juggling with a series of things at the same time, in need to slow down, and find their flow …). 

I facilitate self-healing, suited for someone who wants full attention. It will happen in a self-guided container, to level up your game in life. We’ll dissect which life hacks can release blockages, work on healthy habits that will naturally transform your life, find ways to find balance in case you’ve lost it, loving yourself unconditionally, refining boundaries, organize your time and space for peak performance, without burning out or rolling into depression, I too know what it feels like to want to check out of this lifetime. It shouldn’t come up anymore after this, applying the less is more approach, manifesting and visualizing, reflecting together and implementing long-lasting change, and most importantly… adding PLEASURE into your life!

If you feel that this is your path, keep reading!!! Apply below; you’ll receive an email from me ([email protected]) within the next couple of days, where I’ll invite you to book a strategy call with me to look at what your expectations are for this immersion and what it will look like to work together, we make sure that working together is a right fit, everything is energy. It has to feel inspiring and expansive for both of us. *FYI. If I don’t hear from you within the next 72hours, I’ll move on to the next client*


Mentoring with Julie Spark, online one-on-one sessions are a minimum of 8 weeks, 240$ for 4 sessions, hosted online one session of 60min every two weeks for a total of 8 weeks, which is the time you’ll need to create a new habit.

Payment plans are on request; full payment must be received before we start the mentoring sessions. 

Whoop Whoop!! You have made it this far; time to get started; fill in the form below! 🙂